Understanging One’s Imperfections


Many expect for God or Jesus to come as perfection. But it is through the imperfection, imperfection is understood
And through loving the ‘individual’ self through imperfection, it is possible to love others And in loving others through imperfection, the entire ‘self’ is understood and accepted; the illusion of separateness is overcome.

If God is the whole, and the parts be imperfect, then true God IS / BEING through its imperfect parts ..not so that love be understood through perfection, BUT SO THAT LOVE BE UNDERSTOOD THROUGH IMPERFECTION.

ENERGY was allowed to fall (aka Lucifer) so that highest consciousness could go through the process of accepting and loving its ‘imperfections’ – to refind itself in even the most challenging of forms.

“Even the least among you I count among my creations, and you therefore receive my love.”
Its easy to love perfection, but it takes courage, strength, discipline: REAL HEART to love through imperfection (THE WORK) – and in doing, we make ourself (THE SELF) whole again.

The Love for LOVE


For the Love of Love

In the old world vs the new world..
You have people with love and no power
Or people with power and no love.
I am talking on a global scale.
And the next phase of our evolution is to have power WITH love. We are destined for a time when for the entire planet, from leadership on down, the love of LOVE is greater than the love for POWER.
But first in order to get there, we must make sure we do not repel power as bad or unwanted, but as a necessary tool and instrument for loving on a bigger scale and correcting the disharmony caused by love of power for Self alone
We must also be aware that the love of POWER FOR LOVE , must always be greater than the love of power.
We must also accept that as power grows, even if its for love, it will at first be perceived as a threat and may confront existing powers that might seek to destroy it.
But love of power for love, transcends the Self and is therefore more powerful than love of power alone. This means even if the leadership of this MOVEMENT be destroyed, the flow keeps going. And the fire of love of power for love, once started and once strengthened to a point, will be inextinguishable.. And incorruptible.

Material things – Hinders your Spiritual Growth and Focus


Stuff can be dangerous.
It can distract you and cause you to put your focus and intention outside of yourself.
It becomes especially dangerous when you become attached to it or identified with it. Your awareness becomes “stuck” in the world of stuff and its harder for awareness to move freely. You become “your stuff” and gain is perceived as an expansion of self and loss is perceived as a contraction of self.

The more you focus outside of yourself, the slower you grow spiritually.

This is why great spiritual growth is often preceded by a major loss.. once you become attached, only by some great shift in external circumstances do you remember to put your focus back INSIDE and accelerate your spiritual growth once again.

You do not have to lose your stuff to get back on the spiritual path, you simply have to disassociate from it and observe material gain as you would observe a cup filling with water. It can certainly quench your thirst , but anything beyond that is superfluous. You might require a great of water to accomplish your goals but you do not flaunt how much water you have, you do not attach or identify with water as it flows. In every moment the flow changes and is different.

Having no stuff doesn’t necessarily mean spiritual growth either. If you are stuck in a state of WANTING .. your focus is still outside of your self. Being poor which is often projected as a negative circumstance (by media and a programmed culture), is actually a state of “having less” which can be a very good thing to build a spiritual foundation. Buddha, Jesus and other spiritual leaders found themselves in the simplicity of having very little before they made great leaps spiritually. You do not have to remain in a state of “having less” unless you want to – as long as you remember to never identify or attach to it when you have more.

I’m not saying being poor is a prerequisite to greater spiritual growth. But I am suggesting that you should be very careful with where your awareness, focus and intention goes. And if you find that its outside of yourself significantly more than you focus inside yourself – you have an imbalance that might be slowing your REAL progress down. And that “having less” can actually help you stay focused on what matters, so don’t judge yourself if you have less than your neighbor, use it to your advantage!

Once you pierce the veil on the physical world and realize that its only the workshop for the development of the Soul, you stop falling in love with the workshop, no matter how sexy it is. And you get to work in the energy field! Raising your personal energy and raising the energy of everyone around you. You eliminate negative karma and you develop real wealth in the form of higher consciousness and contribution to the development of other Souls.

What you accomplish in the higher dimensions is wealth you take with you when you leave this planet, because this planet is only a tiny projection of whats going on in the energy field.

On Love, Disappointments and Higher Power

There are many who question things like love or God or a higher power in the universe. Especially after a significant loss or failure that can cause a person to feel disappointed and lose trust in the existence of a higher power. “How could a loving God let this happen? .. Especially to a person THIS good!!” they wonder. And after this great disappointment what may follow is a ‘breakup’ with the universe. A questioning and doubting process that causes a person to seek evidence to support their decision to cut their heart off from the pain they feel is a result of trusting in the universe.
But like any relationship, its your expectations that caused your disappointment, not the relationship itself. And just because your expectations were not met, doesn’t mean the relationship never existed. In a loving relationship you do not always get what you want, but you always get what you need – love. Even though it may not always appear that way, especially when there is pain involved.
Most wants come from the Ego, and satisfying Ego needs rarely serves your higher interests. For example most people would ask for an easy, fun and security (predictability) but its the pain and unpredictable friction that causes the most spiritual growth and Soul polishing. A loving universe knows this.
Cutting ourselves off from the universal flow is exactly what our Egos would like us to do. Trusting and relying only on only yourself ensures that the Ego gets to do exactly what it wants to do, in the name of free will and independence. And denying the existence of any kind of consequence in this life or beyond is the final step to the claim the throne of your life. All decisions will be dictated by the Ego from there. The ‘king’ of your life becomes your intellect and rationalizing.
But instead of denying a relationship exists with a loving universe, we can use pain as a sign that we we had the wrong expectations. And loss as a sign that we were on the wrong path. We can trust that there is a kind energy at work guiding us to exactly where we need to be IF we are listening for it. This faith will make it easier to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and loss. Also, it makes the quest to experience higher levels of spiritual energy your true north.
No need to overthink things: Life simply is- no expectations, and we are always being guided to the best life possible!

The intellect may ask what evidence do you have that this higher power even exists? And the answer is very important:
The most important factor for either supporting or denying the existence of a higher power is WHERE you gather your evidence. The physical world is not the best place to look for spiritual evidence. Much like the air is not the best place to look for water. Although you may find truth for higher dimensions in the physical, especially now as science is cracking the code on quantum physics and the mysterious power of our DNA – even when they crack the code it will only be revealed to your intellectual understanding.

You cannot fully experience water in the air. You must dive in for your senses to truly experience water. You can study water all day long but no explanation can fully explain what its like to satisfy a thirst, swim underwater or surf on its waves. Its the experience of water that makes it real beyond our intellectual understanding of its molecular composition.
What dimension are you gathering your facts from: do you look for the answer to spiritual questions in the physical? Then you have not really dove in yet.

Science is good at explaining away the non-existence of a creator. This gives a person plenty of intellectual ammunition to explain away the existence of anything more than we can see in front of us. And while believing that ‘this is all there is’ can deepen appreciation for this individual lifetime it can also cause greater stress around limited time and cause great fear around death.

Ironically, if there was nothing more, you would not be disappointed, because you would not even be aware of the nothing more to get disappointed! And disappointment wouldn’t even exist. So there is NOTHING to fear!
The answer to the existence of love, a higher power and the loving intention of this power guiding us is through the gateway of our heart. There is no other way to understand this except when you dive in through the pain and feel the love and magic behind it all once again.

When the heart remains closed off, you won’t even be able to gather evidence for the existence of ‘something more’ from this plane. The moment you truly open and clear your heart of pain you will feel a love and lightness coming in from all corners of the universe. Because love is the only REAL thing that exists in the universe and all of the material conditions of this universe are darker energies that we get to ‘play’ with until we discover its all a game and love is the only truth; the highest frequency that contains all matter within it and the ultimate goal of all our journeys.

But like any game there are consequences. And in the game of life you will FEEL the heaviness of those consequences. Pain is not the enemy as long as it moves you towards a path of higher and more loving energy. As a spiritual warrior we embrace pain as part of our path. We want to experience the full richness of pain in the heart to burn through to the next stage of our journey which is to become helpers to those who haven’t crossed that line. And from a clear heart space we will have all the evidence we need for the existence of this love and a higher power behind it. This power is actually who we are in our highest form. It is the one heart / one mind that we are all apart of.. this is home.

Having a clear and open heart



We start off with open hearts in childhood until we suffer major disappointments, breaches of trust and lack of care or love especially from those we rely on. After securing the energy of the heart behind walls, people move up into their head where its safer to filter the world.
Many people never move out of their head space again, preferring instead to rationalize, analyze and otherwise process reality logically. They build a mansion called their ‘philosophy on life’ and never leave this rich home again to FEEL. But by letting go and releasing the barriers around the heart, heart energy is allowed to expand. This causes a higher vibrational state of being to immediately follow.

Your heart space is the governor of all energy- it is the core that is connected with all the dimensions of self. When you operate from heart energy, you are connected to all dimensions of life. But when you operate from the head, you are cut off and suffer from having only one-sided awareness. This awareness is often limited to a perspective through the Ego, that only exists in the 3rd dimension, living in a lower vibrational state of fear / mistrust.

The Ego thrives in the 3rd dimension and loves to hijack the logical mind for the purpose of advancing itself. It loves to confuse, distract and control. It sees heart energy as a rival for power and a possible source of its own destruction.
But awareness like energy is infinitely deep and exists in more than one dimension. To live from a clear heart (as well as an open mind), takes into account many aspects of reality at once, offering instant clarity on many issues, along with a deeper sense of knowing and being guided.

How do you clear the heart? Step into the pain and sadness without resistance and ask for the maximum intensity you can possibly find there, eventually the intensity burns out and a clear heart remains (often after many tears). But there are different kinds of tears- tears of release that must flow through your physiological nervous system often in the form of crying.

How does this process happen so fast, especially if you have been holding onto something for years? Because instead of living in fear and being dictated by pain, you take 100% control of the process. You can hang onto a rock for 10 years, but it takes only a second to let it go.

Living with a clear and open heart must make you vulnerable right? While you might avoid heart pain from behind a well armored wall of Ego, you also avoid feeling. After the Ego armor is removed, the heart is still protected but by a higher awareness and a permeable layer of heart energy protection where heart energy can still flow. This is different from fear based Ego armor that reacts to potential threats with a variety of disturbing or destructive patterns: anger, retaliation, evasion, denial, distraction, etc,
Is it easier to be taken advantage of living from the heart? Actually no, a person that is truly living from the heart is also processing energy and information at higher frequency, so they are more sensitive and ‘in tune’ with the reality around them. Less likely to be taken advantage of.

As the barriers and blockages to the heart are stripped away what happens next is nothing short of miraculous. Heart energy expands and makes contact with other heart energy. Awareness moves outside of the body and makes contact with other awareness.. A one heart / one mind web of connections begins to form and we get a glimpse of what oneness truly means. Its not just a cute idea we get to entertain inside the safety of an individual identity, its a REAL idea we get to practice by clearing our hearts, moving into the heart space and making connections with other heart spaces.