Health – The Ultimate Form of Leverage

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I was asked by a dear family member for guidance on how to heal. They are very sick and have late stage cancer.

While I believe some diseases happen based on genetics or random chance, I always look to the factors we can control first like what’s going in? Into the mouth, lungs or skin.

What goes in, eventually ends up in the blood stream and circulates through every part of the body.

The blood stream supplies all nutrients to the billions of cells that try to run efficient processes for regeneration and repair. The blood is also the primary avenue for waste removal.

Bottom line, if you have clean, alkaline, nutrient rich blood, It matters less if you were born with some genetic condition, you give the body the best chance to avoid disease or heal itself. And at the very least, you give the body the best chance of operating at its full potential in spite of any condition.

Beyond upgrading your repair and defense capabilities, benefits of healthy blood also includes: higher energy, better mental clarity and better physical appearance.

So how do you achieve clean, alkaline, nutrient rich blood?
Again – by what goes into your mouth, lungs or skin.
Something you usually have 100% control over.
Lets focus on the mouth for a moment.

The biggest illusion you must overcome:
Stop evaluating what you eat or drink on the basis of taste.
Taste served us well in more ancient times when the only sweet thing was fruit. Now we have refined sugars, artificial sugars and flavoring that are known to cause cancer and definitely stress the system that tries to maintain a delicate balance over things like acidity vs alkalinity and blood sugar levels.
I stopped evaluating what I eat on the basis of taste and give food or water priority based on what it will do for my blood.

Now before you freak out wondering if you will ever be able to eat your favorite food again, YES – but I suggest you designate only ONE day a week and you plan it in advance to maintain your discipline. This little
‘escape’ will give you something to look forward to and ensure that your body doesn’t go into open rebellion to get what it wants.
For example I have Saturday sweet day, with the exceptional birthday or holiday and I stick to it 99% of the time (Not perfect :) )

People that eat food for taste have all kinds of rationalizations and excuses for why they do it. Here are some of my favorites:
“Everything in moderation..”
“Its not every day..”
“I eat pretty healthy, OTHER people eat much worse than I do.”
“We are all going to die some day- might as well enjoy it”
“I have been eating like this all my life, I am not going to stop now”
“When its your time, its your time..”
“So-and-so ate did x behavior (ate bacon, smoked cigarettes.. Etc.) his whole life and lived to be 95″

All excuses use some layer of faulty logic to justify a behavior that is ultimately: not good for the blood.
- Comparing themselves with poorer examples
- underestimating how frequent the activity occurs
- using the people that lived into old age with bad habits as the example and forgetting the millions of others with the same bad habits are already dead.

At the end of the day, I am all about results.
It doesn’t matter if you are in denial, results are results.

Everything you put in your body and ultimately your blood, is a cause set in motion. Which means, its going to have an effect, 100% guaranteed. Now whether those causes will produce effects like sickness, disease or cancer, depends on other factors like genes how tolerant your body is before it breaks down. But ALL EFFECTS are cumulative, meaning they add up over time. This means everything you do is either aiding or putting strain on your body and you are either increasing or decreasing the probabilities for a desirable outcome.
Fortunately the body is always self repairing and so even if you made poor decisions in the past, NOW is always the best time to make better ones.

Success is all about increasing probabilities. And if you could walk into a casino and tilt all the odds in your favor so that you walk out a virtually guaranteed winner – why wouldn’t you do that with your health? In addition, health is not only about living longer and disease free, its also about the benefits that come with ALIVENESS every day, which cannot be understated.

Health effects every area of your life, from your relationships to your financial success.

Think about how your ability to think, plan or be productive might be handicapped if you aren’t operating at peak levels of health?
How much do you think your levels of energy and people’s feeling of attraction towards you are effected by your health?

I can only tell you from personal experience that when health became my top priority, everything changed dramatically for the better. My skin cleared up, my energy soared and everything else in my life seemed easier and more enjoyable.

Energy is everything to the experience, and health is everything to energy.
I now see health as the ultimate lever for getting leverage not just on your life but also in your work.

By controlling what you put in your mouth, you will also experience greater personal power and discipline. It seems like such a small act; being the gatekeeper- but it has huge consequences on your ability to override impulsive behaviors in every other area of your life.

Discipline can be a scary word, but its importance has been downplayed too much in our culture with too many excuses given on why its not possible to be more disciplined.

Like all things, don’t take my word for it, do an experiment. Instead of comparing yourself with other people’s poor habits start comparing yourself with the best version of yourself, you at your full potential.
- If you had level 10 energy, how might that change your experience?
- Change your experience with others?
- Effect your productivity and performance? Your overall fun!?
- Is the benefit of eating what you want, whenever you want, solely
on the basis of “because it tastes good” or “its more convenient” worth more to you than higher levels you could be living if you brought a higher level of discipline to your game?
- What could you start doing immediately to take it up a notch?
- How about several notches?
- What would you need to do in advance to avoid excuses like convenience as a way to rationalize eating poorly?
- Can you not prepare and bring food with you?
- What other excuses do you have ?
- How can you overcome them in advance, before they come up?

Because health is the number one factor for leveraging everything else in your life – if you solve this piece of the puzzle, everything else will get a whole lot easier!

The Two Best Strategies for Changing Your State


The thing that gets most people in trouble, is their strategy for changing their state.

Changing your state is not simply a nicety or luxury, it is as important as survival needs like food, water, sex and shelter. In fact in some cases, people will give up even these basic human needs including risking life itself, for that all important: change of state.

What is a change of state?
It is more than just a change in mood, although that is part of it.
It is a desire to change the experience. And ultimately, change the channel on consciousness.

Change of state means going from point A of conscious experience to point B. And sometimes eliminating conscious experience altogether through sleep, deep meditation or drugs.

What are other examples of changing state?
It is the lovers, sitting on a bench, gazing into each others eyes
It is eating food not because you are hungry but because you are craving some other kind of stimulation.
It is the world traveler hungry to experience a new culture
It is playing your favorite sport
It is engaging in your favorite hobby
It is watching a movie or television or a stupid YouTube video
It is drinking alcohol and smoking pot or any number of substance induced state changes
It is speaking from a stage, creating art, or engaging infinite variety of passions
It is the process of attraction, dating or having sex
It is skydiving, it is deep-sea diving, it is the explorer in the mountains
It is the daredevil flying a plane under a bridge or any number of risk taking activities
It is physical activity like walking, running or extreme
It is going to a new place
It is moving into that new home, or buying that new car or wardrobe
Its connecting with friends or family

All state change is preceded by the idea: “I NEED to experience something different from where I am at THIS MOMENT”

Now here’s where it gets interesting.. We have been taught, through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for example: that humans start out with basic survival needs and once those needs are taken care of, needs shift upwards in an orderly fashion, to security, status and eventually all the way to self-realization and self-transcendence . While on some level human needs do evolve as they get met, it is not always so linear. In fact it has been my observation that some humans NEED to simply experience a change state, even if it their approach contradicts some of their more basic human needs.

Look at the celebrity or politician that is willing to sacrifice their position, status, and security of a good family, to change his state in a love affair. Or the drug addict that is willing to give up food, water and shelter for the high he gets off the crack pipe.

We are all under the influence of the need to change state. And our strategies for doing so ultimately dictate the habits we form, the risks we take and the kind of lives that we live.

The need for changing our states also has a built in self-correcting mechanism. As long as we don’t kill or permanently damage ourselves in trying to change our state, we will try something else. We will keep moving up the ladder from a level 1 experience to a level 10 , as long as we do not settle for 2 because its better than 1, and or adopt the belief that we have no other options.

I believe this core need (to change state) is often overlooked because ‘change’ is like the water that fish swim in. We hardly notice it because it is always there. The need for changing your state can occur many times in a single hour. And with the advances of things like civilization, free markets, internet and technology, the number of options available to us has grown significantly.


In todays age, our brain is on stimulation overdrive.. Fortunately our brains require sleep otherwise the wheel of thought would be in constant motion.

But as soon as they wake up.. the wheel starts picking up speed again. The only way to slow this wheel down consciously and take back control of the brain is through meditation, in fact with the onslaught of mental stimulation from the external environment, this strategy is becoming more essential than ever to preserve mental health.

Meditation allows you to slow the wheel of thought down and observe them, and re-choose where you want to be rather than get caught in the chaos at the surface. It is the equivalent of a mental reset button.

And if meditation is the answer for the mind, exercise is the answer for the body.

If you have tried to meditate and failed to slow the wheel of thought down, its likely because your body needed to burn out the excess energy accumulated in the muscles through adrenaline caused by a ‘fight or flight’ response triggered by the threats or overwhelm of daily living. The muscles are literally prepared to fight or run as an instinct from earlier times when our ancestors were under real physical threat, and so this tension in the muscles NEEDS a proper outlet if you hope to restore balance in the system.

Key points
- The need for changing your state can sometimes grow stronger than basic survival needs
- Your need to change your state, happens rapidly throughout the day
- Your strategies for changing your state will determine the consequences in your life (positive or negative)
- the best strategies like meditation and exercise not only serve your short term needs to change state, but also strengthen you and serve your best long term interests as well.
- taking a short cut to change your state quickly without assessing the risks both short-term and long-term is impulsive and foolish

Bottom line:
1 – Be aware of your NEED to change state. If you aren’t prepared to make big necessary changes, your brain often seeks a variety of distractions to change your state in small ways.
2 – Develop a list of high value activities that help you raise the energy or at least reset your mind and body – and make them your go-to default when you experience that need for a shift.
3- Notice any unhealthy routines that are your current ‘go-to’ solutions for changing your state, that do not really serve your or others best interest. Refer back to points 1 and 2.

- Create and condition a high value routine to experience positive state changes all day long!
- Be prepared to make the big shifts when necessary, so you do not get swallowed up in distraction or riskier behavior as a coping mechanism.

Create A “To-Feel” List

Prioritize a “to-feel” list rather than a to-do list.
By focusing on what you want to feel, a to-do list will evolve out of that. You will find that as fulfilling activities rise to the top, you have more fuel for long term achievement and you enjoy the ride significantly more. In fact, in this way, even if you don’t make the destination – the journey alone was worth it.meditation

Recreate Yourself

Perhaps one of the most liberating insights I ever had is that our self image is not set in stone. Like wet clay through childhood it might be greatly shaped by parents, friends and experiences.. but before it hardens in our teens or early 20s we have the power to greatly reshape it. And even into adulthood, though the clay might be hard as marble and not as easily reshaped, we all have the power of a master sculptor and every day we can chip away at it, to reveal the best version of ourselves.

How is this done? Words are the most powerful forms of shaping self image. Through words behaviors are born. And through behaviors, the brain develops references or files that it uses to justify the way it perceives itself.

As a kid I literally programmed the things I wanted to possess like confidence, attraction, love, and success into my brain through repetition. For example there was a time when I greatly lacked confidence in myself, and every night I would listen to a self-hypnosis audio on greater self confidence. Why self hypnosis? Because it drops the words past the filter of the conscious directly into the subconscious where the self image is directly affected.

Most of the time a person’s identity / self-image is formed unconsciously.. Each day of childhood builds upon the next and one day (usually in their teens) they wake up to it and there it is. And it plays an active role in how they feel about life, themselves or their abilities and what they attempt: for better or worse. But the reality is we all have the power to play an active role in our our identity / story’s development or redesign!

Key points:
- Have a vision for the kind of person you want to be: your ideal version of self
- know that the path for getting there is repetition of the right words. Use feeling and your whole body as you say them for maximum impact. Or deep relaxation in self-hypnosis so the words bypass the conscious filter and drop down directly into the subconscious.
- Avoid making ANY negative statements about self, or using any labels that lock you into negative patterns (for example I do not believe in the labeling of psychological disorders and lifetime prescriptions for treatment as MOST disorders are just the result of temporary distortions of self, but with labels they become repeated their whole lives and therefore permanent)
- Repetition of the right words leads to right feelings and behaviors, which leads to the references your brain needs to justify the new self image.
- the process of development and redesign is never complete, which means you can forever improve upon your concept of self as long as you let go of past (especially limiting references) and keep upgrading the words you use to define yourself and your story, and keep acting in ways that are higher value to support the new story for real! And ultimately confirm the new story through better results in life itself.

Bottom line:
-Remember, it all starts with the words we use. Replace all negative self-talk or labels with more positive / empowering statements and labels that you decide for yourself.
- Don’t use the past as an excuse for current results or remaining static in your current self image. Transform every “negative” memory (even traumatic ones), into a positive fuel to accelerates you into a future possibility that would not have been possible without it!