Getting to Our Full Potential as a World

If the whole world were focused on living its full potential, darkness would have nowhere to hide, resources would be more fairly distributed and the worlds leaders would take the option of war or killing to resolve conflicts off the table.

I used to see changing the world as a large, immoveable rock that you must push up a steep hill. Now I see it as perched atop a hill just waiting for enough people to get behind it.

The majority of people want change, and they don’t start wars or hoard the world’s resources or power. Why? Because it is the majority that has the most to lose in any major conflict.

The decisions that guide our civilization are made by a small handful of leaders. As a child I was comforted by the notion that they are mature and wise and know what they are doing. Now I realize that WE must take responsibility for ourselves and the direction of our civilization. Its a different feeling when you wake up and take ownership for the future of this planet and not just live in passive reaction to ‘the way things are’.

Realize that 8 billion minds are smarter than the 50 or so that dictate the rules for civilization. And that we live in a carefully constructed illusion that serves less than the top 1% of civilization.

Once you accept this as real, you won’t just party in the back seat until the mad man (or men in this case) drives us over a cliff.

The key to control is your consent. When you say ‘what can I do I am only one person?’ the battle is already lost.

What can you really do?
- First take responsibility for your self. Don’t let anyone define what reality is for you. You must define it for yourself, just be sure to maintain an open mind and gather plenty of quality info while doing so.
- Start marching towards a vision of what a level 10 looks like for you and don’t settle. As you start realizing more of your full potential, you add to the potential of this planet for massive positive change.
- Keep in mind that as immoveable as the rock might look today, that all those established institutions and systems that rule the world, were constructed by people just like you and I. And as long as we are willing to see things clearly, take more responsibility and adapt more confidently, massive positive change can happen in a relatively short period of time.
- Tomorrows leaders are now young and not as set in their ways. As the world awakens everywhere, our planet’s chances for a better future improves too.
- Do your part to brighten your small corner of the world and live the best life you can.. You never know who you might influence or what the rippling consequences of your seemingly small daily actions might have!

How Can I Maintain Higher Awareness And Not Slide Back Into My Old Personality?

Question: “How can I maintain higher awareness? I find myself having moments of clarity and then I feel like I regress into my old personality, routines and thoughts that don’t serve me.”

This is an important thing to realize.. Even after you have unique spiritual experiences or deep insights that totally shift your perspective and for a moment make you feel connected to everything.. the Ego (the identity known as YOUR NAME) is a sneaky thing, it will constantly come back to claim credit for everything, and add it to its identity, to elevate itself above others. Its so sneaky in fact that many many times even over the course of a SINGLE conversation, it does this.

Its very helpful to connect with awakened Souls that understand this and call you out on it. Sometimes it happens so quickly and on such a subtle level.. We can’t see it for ourselves.. Because the moment the Ego has expanded its concept of itself, we ( our awareness) has gone back inside our Ego again.

Know that as long as you have an Ego, it is trying to expand its concept of itself and avoid getting smaller. And very often, especially in the beginning of your life, you get trapped inside this expanding and contracting bubble of Ego energy. Which can be a confusing and chaotic mix of drives and emotions to say the least.

The key is learning to notice when the Ego has tried to take over the controls again and take credit for everything that happened while it was less dominate. The Ego will attempt to add any self-enhancing qualities to its identity, including any good deeds or spiritual experiences you may had when coming from a pure intention. Its important to notice these temporary relapses and take back control quickly, so you can operate outside of the chaotic Ego energy and live from a more pure, more centered state of awareness.

Higher awareness lies outside of everything that the Ego dominates.

Key points:
- Just because you experience higher awareness or realize some higher truth, doesn’t mean you are free from Ego
- If your intention is to have higher awareness there will be moments when you observe your Ego behaviors as an observer and other moments when you snap right back inside the old familiar Ego and its patterns.
- Be vigilant about the Ego’s tendencies to want to expand or avoid contraction. This is the basis of the drive towards pleasure and avoidance of pain. Many of the brain’s thoughts and worries, and the body’s emotions are based on this expanding / contracting Ego dynamic.
- the best way to maintain an Ego-free point if awareness is to continually seek to observe the identity known as YOUR NAME in 3rd person. Instead of owning its behaviors or emotions with ‘I am..’ you can more accurately state that ‘YOUR NAME is..’

For example instead of ‘I am angry’ .. In my case I would observe that, ‘James is angry’ .. This clever use of words disassociates me from the emotions that James might experience, making it possible for me to control James from a higher perspective.

- Observe your Ego like a parent observing a child. Have love and compassion for it, don’t harshly judge it. Call it out when it has clearly taken over and perhaps most importantly..
- Develop Ego awareness with your friends or family so that you can call out each others Ego without resistance, resentment or judgement. It can be both fun and enlightening when it is lovingly pointed out that your Ego has taken over your awareness. Frankly at first your Ego’s defense mechanisms may fire up, making you angry or resistant, the fun part is when you can laugh and move beyond the Ego’s often unnecessary defenses.

Lastly, the reason why we can forgive the Ego is because it is the way it is through millions of years of DNA survival and programming. It developed the necessary capacities for survival in not only challenging physical environments, but also over the last few thousand years within increasingly complex social environments as well.

As a Soul with awareness though, we have the power to observe the Ego and master it. And we can learn to understand and love it at the same time.

This ability to understand and love our own Ego also applies to the billions of other Egos on this planet and beyond. Remember that within every Ego, even the roughest and toughest of them all, is a Soul whose awareness has perhaps never broken free from the bubble. That alone is reason enough to have compassion for everyone we encounter.

Full Potential Oath

Full Potential Oath
- I create more than I consume
- I am disciplined more than distracted
- I think bigger, not smaller
- I live in love, not fear
- I hunger for truth and clarity
- I live by whats real in my heart
- I am guided to live the best life possible
- I appreciate the detail
- I eliminate poor choices, negative patterns and routines
- I am fulfilled AS I work towards my vision
- I succeed at the highest levels possible
- I commit to a level 10 life in the 7 major areas (physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, financial and environment)
- I commit my life to helping other Souls realize their full potential

Life May Not Be Exactly As You Dream It To Be..

Life may not be exactly as you dream it to be. But that doesn’t mean you stop trying.

Life is a dance of many desires and forces in the universe. We all have a hand in creating what it is and WILL be, some Souls are more active than others. But its a collective effort.

No need to force things in haste.. Or deny them as they are. Appreciate existence, appreciate what exists. Then go to work on the changes you want to see. If we get in touch with whats real in our heart we may all start dreaming the same dream.