Focus on what you truly care about


Things do not usually come together by force, they come together by CARE. When you care about something you expend more energy thinking about it, talking about it, working on it and it attracts other people who care about it as well. The flow of the universe aids your work like the wind at your back.
Forcing yourself to do something you don’t care about is a kind of hell. Work and resources go into it out of a feeling of duty or obligation but because it has little to no meaning, it offers little to no emotional return. It’s hard to feel alive when you are working on something you do not care much about.
Start from your heart first, then make your plans, then carry them out. Focus on what you truly care about and the journey simply unfolds as it is meant to.

The Art of Human Pain

The Art of Pain


Trusting the universe does not mean a pain-free journey. It means trusting that everything that shows up is leading you on your highest path. Right this moment.
Pain is just one of many useful teachers. Some teachers don’t go away until you listen and feel their message. Some teachers become louder and more insistent UNTIL you hear their message. Some teachers accumulate into the present moment, requiring you deal with multiple lessons at once, which is why many people avoid being present!
This life is not about a pain-free existence, it’s about the LOVE of life using every tool available, including pain to raise your energy vibration and grow your spirit. Listen to your teachers in every moment. Graduate and come ‘home’ into the NOW .. Now. Don’t wait until physical death to be liberated from life.
It’s all a game and games are supposed to be fun, don’t fear the challenge or how realistic it all seems. Your character is NOT you. But it certainly feels pain. Have love and compassion for it and move on to higher levels of being, from the heart, in this moment, right here, right now.. Home.

The Seed of Intention

Seed of Intention


Seeds get planted through intention – the purer the intention, the better the quality.
And nurtured in the faith that something good will come out of it even when see nothing, though we are investing much into it.
The ‘result’ is an inevitable conclusion of applied faith. All effects have their root in causes, this is an inescapable law. The ‘secret’ is that not all causes are seen or so directly and easily linked to outcomes.
Rarely is there a direct path to any kind of ‘success’.
Therefore, we control a lot less than we would like to admit. However, we can greatly improve our probability of great outcomes if we start with great seed.
The way to purifying intention is to tune into a vision about something much greater than yourself, from a place of love, sincere compassion and care.
Your survival and enjoyment was ensured through the universal principle: life supports life that supports life.

Human Connections

Human connections


I find the human connection is real and tangible. The sum of two energies is always greater than one. Feeling lonely is a reminder we need other people and that the feeling of love is not only nice to have but a necessary part of this experience.
Family, friends and team that is like my family, I need you as much as you need me and I am infinitely grateful for the connections, support, experiences and insights we have shared at various times over the course of our journey.
I am not an island, nor are you. We need each other, all of us and the sooner we accept that fact the sooner we can embrace our vulnerabilities or our longings as BEAUTIFUL rather than something to hide.

Vulnerability is an OPENING. Love permeates all barriers and fills this world.. love sees beyond all false fronts and loves anyway. When we exist in a state of love and openness we are not ever alone, we are united. And though our physical forms be separate, our energy field be shared across the greatest of distances.
May the full force of this love shine out to you wherever you are.

Success with risk and trust

Risk and Trust


Rather than try nothing or trust no one and succeed at nothing, I try many things and trust nearly everyone and often discover very quickly what works and who can be trusted.

As long as you don’t exhaust all your resources in early experimentation, or trust someone with too much too early on, why not?

The fear of failure and the sting of betrayal are small in comparison to what’s gained when you put your focus beyond them. And by being ready and expecting them along the way, the effect is significantly less.
Live boldly. Death comes to all, whether you played it safe or dared greatly.

The key difference is in the kind of spirit you grew to become along the way.