Your Purpose


When you finally glimpse the purpose of why you are here , the greatness of it might scare you. Then you might be tempted to question whether its real and whether YOU of all people, are really meant to carry it out.

Through questioning and doubting you can return to your comfort zone and live out a life that can feel more grounded and familiar and perhaps even more culturally acceptable.

What you have to realize is that where you are going is always at the front of what currently is, and in some cases might be intended for life on a different timeline from what even exists today, giving life to the expression ‘being ahead of your time’.

Sometimes what you are creating is meant to be experienced by others and the greatest joy for you is in the journey of creating it, even if you never get to see its completion.

There comes a time when you must stop questioning, using energy as a guide for what you must do and apply faith in your actions, trusting that the validation will show up in the form of many little signs as a consequence of being on the path of pure action.

Ohm a connection to Home and God


Some of the words use all the time, contain the answer to where we are trying to go. They are ancient in sound and meaning, ultimately taking us from mental concept to the freedom in the sound vibration itself.

#1 Oh my god = Ohm my god
Using the power of the sound “oh” and “ohm” to bring awareness closer to God. The procession of “oh..oh..oh” in rapid and higher frequencies during sex is not an accident! Its by design and reveals a hidden secret about accessing the source.

#2 Ohm = Home
The mantra “Ohm” can actually be said like “home”. Ohm helps you get home! The sound vibration liberates the mind from thinking about what home or source is and helps you arrive there directly through pure being in sound, the sound of Ohm. Because when you think about HOME (source / God) , or try to explain it – you are on layer removed from it. The sound “Ohm” takes you there directly.

#3 Home My God = Home I God
Here is where it gets interesting.
This is where a symbol of the infinite “8″ comes into play, the first part if the 8 is when you say “Home My God” and the second part is “Home I God”.

  • Home My God: this represents the separation that we have from God when thinking about ourselves as separate from God and likewise when we are outside our HOME of the present moment. “Home My God” is a request to bring God into our lives and into our human body, we do it through the power of the sound “oh” “ohm” or more completely “home”. We want to be closer to God and we are inviting God into our home, because we don’t know of any other home at this time. This is essentially the relationship people have with God when they ask him / her / it to do things for them to make their lives better, because this is the only home they know.
  • Home I God: is the other part of the infinite 8. It represents the fusion of selves and the crossing over from the home we once knew, to the real home at the center of all things. When you are home, you are at the center of all things, saying “Home I God” or that only from the HOME of pure energy and awareness , are you God in that moment.

Only when you maintain this connection to Home, in a moment by moment awareness are you coming from the “I God” energy. The moment your awareness shifts from this pure energy / pure presence you immediately move to the “Home My God” request for God, which demonstrates your separateness once again.

Maintaining the “Home I God” presence is the greatest challenge of being human, where you are more likely to put your awareness and focus outside of your true “Home” .. For example into your Ego self and acquiring an identification, peer group and material ‘success’ that will make you feel like you have finally ‘made it’ home!

But no matter how good it is, your Soul is actually somewhat dissatisfied until it makes it to the real home. It seems to have an innate sense of “this is not my home”! In essence, spiritual dissatisfaction is what drives the spiritual journey .. spiritual unhappiness ensures you never settle for anything less than the REAL home.

The call for “Home My God” gets louder and louder until one day you realize you have to let go of the home you were trying to bring God into, and go ‘searching’ for God. When you leave behind your Ego, and your attachment to the validation of people or material things, you find that God is always at the center, in the present moment, discovered through the sound of “Home” itself. Its brilliantly simple! And the path home was right under our nose the whole time, thats why we missed it. We were searching for home in all the wrong places, instead of simply using the word “Home” itself as a sound vibration to lead us home! To the source of all vibrations.

Key point for using this knowledge:
- Set your intention on finding your true home
- let go of your previous concepts of what home is: its not your Ego self or identity, your material things, your peer group or even this life itself. Nothing about this life is home.
- From this free state of awareness use the word “Home” as a mantra to explore the present moment.
- You can vary this mantra with “Home My God” and “Home I God”

Note: You might find it embarrassing to use mantras , singing or chanting when other people are around- this is because you are still identified with how the old self is perceived. When you liberate your self to seek and allow the energy of “Home” in anyway it wants to express itself, you may feel different and be scared that you will be perceived as crazy.

Remember that crazy is different, but different is NOT crazy. Again: crazy is different, but different is NOT crazy. You have to free yourself from your old identity and exist in the free state of ‘I am’ to let the spirit work through you in any way, shape or form without inhibition. It may manifest in: Song, dance, writing, speaking, or any other form in the moment of expression.

“I am” – Free to Be “Me”


I am.

And from the stream of “I am” we are free from our identities. Free to be. Free to create.

And when we create with consciousness, our creations are alive and sometimes conscious enough to observe itself (like humans)

And in the aliveness of our creations we find identity. But the identity of our creations (from I AM) is never the source, because something that comes from the source, while connected, is not the source. You only return to source (the stream of I AM) when your awareness lets go of its identity to anything else.
Letting go of everything you are not, is the most powerful way to feel who and what you are. The foolish are forced into this discovery, and the wise force themselves.

After this discovery our human bodies become the instrument for something greater to flow through.
And while we may not always BE at home in our hearts, we always know how to find our way back if we are looking.

Home = Center



Being at the center of everything, is home. Home is at the center of everything. The center of everything is one part presence, two parts pure intention. Once you are home, there is nowhere else to go.

Going somewhere is an illusion, other than when you leave home. But you are always guided back home by higher and then highest energy. We all want to be home, though we may take the long way to get there. If you lose your way home, you just follow the trail of high energy that’s always present. This is also love.

Once you get home, there is nowhere else to go.. this life may help you get there, but nothing outside of this life will help you get there any faster. Its the idea that you cannot get home in this life time, or exist there “right here, right now” that limits your ability to actually get there.

Of course you have to let go in every moment, its the only way you actually find yourself back at the center. The center of all things can only be found when you have let go of everything else that’s not in the center. We don’t have to love everything that’s not home, everything outside of home is not home. This makes it easier to forgive. We only need to love home and everything that IS home. Allow yourself to let go and feel the highest energy and welcome home

Confronting Pain HEAD ON!


Do IT meaning- open up, let go, move forward WITHOUT hanging on to the past. This last step is key! Hanging onto the past in any form produces drag that slows down the flight of your spiritual progress. You cannot truly fly as fast as you want if you have lots of drag.

But cutting off drag can be painful, since your attached to it and it feeds your energy on some level. This is why people often prefer the path of ‘hard work’ and saying they are really ‘working’ on their problems because it allows them to RESIST change longer. And hang onto their attachments / drag. Why? Because if feels comfortable! (even if its painful hanging onto it, its familiar and safe)
Enter resistance: When you feel you don’t have the truth, or that the truth is difficult, you get to procrastinate. Enlightenment must require 20 years of meditation in a cave, or finding a guru, or reading 500 spiritual books or a pilgrimage to a far away land, right?? If not, I have to deal with my shi+ now! No way!

But when you know the truth in its simplest form, and it is very SIMPLE:

1- Confront pain and open up to your higher path in spite of fear
You are left with nothing but opening up the door, shedding identification with previous rooms, and taking your next spiritual step– often THROUGH the pain into the unknown. More pain is guaranteed, but when you encounter it – you do the same thing and just keep going!